By Daniel Lindvall.

This is my day off.

I’m toying with a short first entry in the Ay Caramba! blog, and so far it goes like this:

‘When I interviewed underground legend Ken Jacobs, 77, a couple of weeks ago he admitted that he was still “almost always angry”. I know how he feels.

I know how he feels!

Given the state of the world, I’m frankly suspicious of anyone who’s not.

I have great faith in our readers: I take it for granted that you are too.

Having reached that conclusion, I just had to offer you the services of Ay Caramba!

Ay Caramba! the blog that aims to articulate your desire for angry rants occasionally camouflaged by snippets of invaluable information, tour-de-force three-sentence analyses of everything, and a smart-ass sense of humour – or perhaps just the contents of next year’s first issue.

Being the megalomaniAcal hyper-egalitarian that I am – think: Spartacus! the well-known Mexican revolutionary and natural leader-of-men – I also decided to share this space with the uncensored brilliance of some of my fellow FINT scribblers in the hope that they will spread some much-needed enlightenment to the world and, in the process – at long last! – elevate my intellectual status by association.

As Spartacus said, time after time until he was blue in the face, according to the Dead Sea Scrolls, “Vive la Revolution!”

Over and out.’

Daniel Lindvall is Film International‘s editor-in-chief.

PS: For coming up with the name, Ay Caramba! I thank compadre Gary McMahon, who reminded me of the indisputable fact that this was indeed Spartacus’ personal battle cry, before the Fox Network, via Bart Simpson, disgracefully co-opted it. In accordance with the Mexican’s last wishes before facing the guillotine, we think it’s time to put some steel back into it.

Next entry in the Ay Caramba! blog.


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