Estrangement All Over: An Interview with Niki Karimi on Atabai

By Ali Moosavi. Atabai is about loneliness and the estrangement with environment that we feel all over the world.” My very first contribution to Film International was an interview with the Iranian actress-writer-director Niki Karimi in 2014 (issue 12.3). Since then she has appeared in ten movies and three TV […]

Healing in Nature: Jacquelyn Mills on Geographies of Solitude (Berlinale 2022)

By Yun-hua Chen. I am dedicated to creating films that facilitate our healing process with the natural world.” Geographies of Solitude, screened at the Berlinale Forum 2022, is a breathtakingly beautiful experimental documentary which affectionately portrays the ecosystem on the Sable island, the remote sliver of land in the Northwest […]

More Vulnerable Than Tough: Tarik Saleh on The Contractor

By Ali Moosavi. One thing that I loved about [Chris Pine’s] performance is how vulnerable he is…. He is not just a tough guy running around with a gun, but a real man with real fear and that creates real stakes important in film. The Contractor is the latest film […]

B-Movie Love from Iran: An Interview with Farzad Motamen

By Ali Moosavi. Motamen has dabbled in many genres: noir, comedy, social-drama, romance, thriller. And even Dostoevsky.” Farzad Motamen is one of several Iranian directors who are well-known and respected in their homeland but remain largely unknown outside of Iran. Motamen is a self-confessed American B-Movie lover and fan of […]

Cinema’s Theatrical Spaces: An Interview with George Toles

By Tanja Bresan. There has been a long history of degradation of theatre (especially evident in so much early film theory) in order to build cinema up, to prove its aesthetic worth…. Film often derives things from a similar theatrical space but the simple idea of my book is that […]

Visuals and Different Timelines: Filmmaker Grant Johnson on Agent Game

By Ali Moosavi. I think the 1970s was the golden age of cinema….I very much think that there are certain standards that 1970s established that still exist today and for good reason.” In the new conspiracy thriller/action movie Agent Game CIA officers Bill (Jason Isaacs), Harris (Dermot Mulroney) and Visser […]