Interview with Sharon Badal, Tribeca Film Festival

By Gary M. Kramer. Sharon Badal has curated another terrific program of shorts for the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. Starting with 2,870 entries, she and her staff/screeners have selected 60 shorts, 30 of which are World Premieres. “I think that’s great to have this many new short films to introduce […]

A Cannibalistic Feast: An Interview with Joshua Oppenheimer

By Daniel Lindvall. Anwar Congo wraps a steel wire a couple of times around a pole, then around his own neck. He is demonstrating how he killed hundreds of “communists” on this very rooftop terrace somewhere in northern Sumatra almost 50 years ago. Now a greying playboy, Congo is one […]

Death of the Moguls: An Interview with Wheeler Winston Dixon

By Daniel Lindvall. With his new book, Death of the Moguls: The End of Classical Hollywood, Wheeler Winston Dixon has performed no mean feat in finding a fresh and illuminating perspective on what is probably the most written about phenomenon in film history, the Hollywood studio system. By placing the […]

Annie and the Gypsy: Interview with Russell Brown

By Gary M. Kramer. Writer/director Russell Brown makes short, sharp films that investigate how and why friends treat each other badly. His enjoyable feature debut Race You to the Bottom (2005) had two BFFs taking a tour through wine country and cutting each other down over the course of their […]

Truth in Pop Art: An Interview with Donny Miller

By Wheeler Winston Dixon. “Remember, you can have anything. You just have to think it. Just kidding, life isn’t that simple.” (Donny Miller) Donny Miller is one of the more interesting visual artists working today; he’s active not only in graphics and painting, but also video art, performance art, and […]

Magpie: Interview with Marc Price

By Leo Collis. In his follow up to critically acclaimed budget-zombie movie Colin, Marc Price is set to release new project Magpie to the festival circuit. Known as the £45 film, Colin made waves when screened at Cannes in 2009 and created a huge buzz about the bright filmmakers future. […]

After Fall, Winter: An Interview with Eric Schaeffer

By Gary M. Kramer. Eric Schaeffer did not plan to make a sequel to his 1997 film Fall but fourteen years later, he wrote, directed, produced and starred in After Fall, Winter, now out on DVD. The film continues the story of Michael Shiver (Schaeffer), an author who is deeply […]

Inside Pim’s Emotional World: A Conversation with Bavo Defurne

By Tom Ue. Born in 1971 and a graduate of the St Lukas Art School in Brussels, artist, photographer, and filmmaker Bavo Defurne established himself as an exciting new talent with a sequence of critically-acclaimed and prize-winning short films that explore gay love and loss, the body, and the power […]

Bringing Up Bobby: A Conversation with Famke Janssen and Spencer List

By Amy R Handler. The strangeness and beauty of Famke Janssen’s first feature film, Bringing Up Bobby (2011) is that it mimics “real life,” at the same time that it exposes the artistry of cinema. This filmmaking-wizardry allows unsuspecting viewers to misconstrue Bobby as comic relief, when it is really, […]

Unpacking The Silver Goat: An Interview with Aaron Brookner

By Tom Ue. Aaron Brookner was born in Greenwich Village, New York City. He studied film at Vassar College, and began his filmmaking career by assisting in the production of Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) and Rebecca Miller’s Personal Velocity (2002). In 2004, he directed the short documentary The […]