From Guest Editor Gary McMahon.

Texts are invited for a Film International issue on this theme: Artist/Mode of Transport,  or: Genre/Mode of Travel.

The rest of the remit is yours to navigate. The artist may be before or behind the camera.

Surveying film-making this way need not to be exhaustive but rather impressionistic. Four films is enough sampling to know Johnny Weissmuller covered a lot of ground on a rope and swam the rest of the way, but what to make of it?

Maybe you read “Jeff Bridges in a Car,” (Film International 80, Vol. 15, No. 2/2017). It suggests the remit but is not a prescription on style and not required reading. Sound like yourself if you can.  Free associate; get metaphorical. Some find “psychogeography” trendy, but agoraphobia may be the next big thing. It’s not a court case and it’s not a viva: articles need not prove anything or defend anything: just be original, okay?

Send suggestions, texts and queries to: garysignature@yahoo.co.uk.


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