Farewell, My Queen (2012): A San Francisco International Film Festival Review

By Janine Gericke. Versailles calls to mind images of opulence, decadence, couture, ostentatious design and, of course, Marie Antoinette. Filmmaker Benoît Jacquot’s film Farewell, My Queen, based on the novel by Chantal Thomas, shows viewers both sides of this famous palace. The beautiful side, with its lush fabrics, golden hues […]

Reopening Pandora’s Box in San Francisco

By Michael T. Toole. It was quite the celebration for both Louise Brooks fans and silent cinéastes in general when the 17th Annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival presented a restored print of Pandora’s Box last month. G.W. Pabst’s ever engrossing and eminently stylish examination of pure sexuality and the […]