Family Drama in “Real Life”: An Interview on Ghostlight (CCFF 2024)

By Jonathan Monovich. Being a real-life family, we didn’t need to try to create that dynamic like three unrelated actors would, so it made it easier.” To close out the 11th Chicago Critics Film Festival (CCFF), the Chicago Film Critics Association saved the best for last. Ghostlight (2024) written by […]

A Captivating World of Indigenous Culture: Filmmaker Ivan Sen on Limbo

By Jenny Paola Ortega Castillo. There’s a lot of secrets to all the land in Australia, especially since colonization…. And sometimes the land gives those secrets up if you listen to it. And so this incredible landscape was the inspiration for the characters who are very similar to this damaged […]

Podcasting Horror and Conspiracies: Filmmaker Matt Vesely on Monolith

By Jenny Paola Ortega Castillo. When you’ve only got one actor, you’re constantly thinking about how to make it cinematic…. Our film is about people telling stories from their past; it’s a slower burn and about piecing together a mystery.” Matt Vesely’s ‘Monolith’ is a remarkable eerie sci-fi mystery that […]

Documentary, Truth, and Narrative: James Marsh on Dance First

By Ali Moosavi. If you’re a documentary filmmaker, you’re perceived to be good at something, which is the truth. So almost certainly my interest in dramatic films is nearly always based on true stories.” The British director James Marsh came into prominence with his 2008 documentary Man on Wire about […]

Outsiders on the Frontier: Kitty Green on The Royal Hotel

By Ali Moosavi. I knew that I didn’t want to see violence. I feel like I’ve seen enough sexual violence in cinema…. I was like how can we make a movie about the threat of that. And the threat of that should be enough to feel scared.” The young Australian […]