Family Ties: Toby Poser and John Adams on The Adams Family’s Hellbender

By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas. After seven features, starting when the girls were 6 and 11 years old, we’ve learned how to dance together pretty well. It’s a constant evolution, not only our collective education with camera and sound equipment, but also in building a solid democracy as far as how we […]

Archetypes and Native American Cinema: Lyle Corbine Jr. on Wild Indian

By Ali Moosavi. Despite the title and the grandiose nature of the film…[Makwa’s journey] was really a personal retelling of things that I’ve seen in my Ojibwe community and the different responses to trauma there.” Wild Indian is the feature film debut of Native American filmmaker Lyle Corbine Jr. Lyle. […]

Detectives and Androids, 2021: Filmmaker Andrew Baird on ZONE 414

By Ali Moosavi. Very much noir and very little sci-fi.” A detective let loose in a world full of androids. No, we’re not talking about Blade Runner. On the surface, Irish director Andrew Baird’s feature film debut, ZONE 414, bears some similarities to the Ridley Scott classic. They are, however, […]

Getting Some: An Interview with Hisonni Mustafa

By Johnnie Hobbs III. Actor-turned-filmmaker Hisonni Mustafa’s (formerly Hisonni Johnson) new work as writer-director, Take Out Girl, focuses on a 20-year-old college dropout (Hedy Wong) who attempts to save her family’s business through moving drugs. In the audio interview below, Johnson comments on his film and his path in filmmaking. […]

A Minor Conflict Escalating: Shariff Korver on Do Not Hesitate

By Gary M. Kramer. When you talk about the military and troops, you see them as a large group of people who go together as one thing to do something. And in this film, we try to focus on the individual.” Director Shariff Korver’s quietly powerful Do Not Hesitate, had […]

Diva Directors Around the Globe: Suzanne Lindon on Spring Blossom

By Anna Weinstein. Everyone thinks the teenage years are going to be so cool and wonderful, but it’s complicated… So I took this as an opportunity to write my film, and that helped me get through that time.” Suzanne Lindon’s coming-of-age film Spring Blossom (2020) is an intimate story about […]