Nocebos and Placebos: An Interview with Lorcan Finnegan on Nocebo

By Ali Moosavi. Without Name was probably the most oblique kind of minimalist film we’ve done and then obviously Vivarium is a quite surreal film…. With Nocebo it was quite a different challenge where we were basing the story in the real world in a domestic environment and then making […]

“Everything is political”: An Interview with Costa-Gavras

By Yun-hua Chen. Thriller is a way to tell a story about society. Political thrillers are movies about people in a particular situation…. Everything is political.” To celebrate the Greek-French auteur Costa-Gavras’ nearly 60 years of filmmaking, the Locarno Film Festival awarded him with the lifetime achievement award of 2022 […]

A Little Lynch for Fletch: An Interview with Kyle MacLachlan

By Ali Moosavi. I think with movies sometimes whether the movie is good or bad isn’t necessarily the criteria anymore. It becomes about do you want to spend time in the world of that movie.” Kyle MacLachlan’s name will forever be associated with the role of agent Dale Cooper and […]