On Location, Post-Lockdown: Roger Spottiswoode on Either Side of Midnight

By Matthew Sorrento. Finding the right locations was even more important than usual on this film, because the city life within each location would have to tell the story as much as would the dialogue.” Roger Spottiswoode has had a journeyman’s career. After editing for Sam Peckinpah and others, Spottiswoode […]

Selling the Digital Revolution: Casey Suchan and Tim Cawley on makeSHIFT

By Gary M. Kramer. As a consumer, advertising is intrusive. As an industry, we want to do better. This film and its participants are hopefully an example of that.” makeSHIFT is Casey Suchan and Tim Cawley’s nifty, zippy documentary about how the advertising industry has adapted to technological advances and […]

Terror for an Influencer: Jennifer Harrington on Shook

By Yun-hua Chen. Where I really drew inspiration was from the older classic films like Scream by Wes Craven, and like Halloween by John Carpenter. My hope was to really take those real classic ideas and melt them with these newer things like SAW and Unfriended….” Shook, which is streaming […]

Trusting the Process: Oscar Contender Maria Sødahl on Hope

By Robin Gregory. Hope is also about blended family, the modern family, the structures and mechanics of that. For example, how you love differently or the same, stepchildren versus biological children. All of these things can have taboos around them (that) I wanted to explore.” Cancer is not for the faint […]

Expanding the Dialog on National Cinemas: an Interview with MK Raghavendra

Zibahkhana (Hell’s Ground, Pakistan, 2007) By Devapriya Sanyal. MK Raghavendra, a film critic and leading scholar of Indian cinema, has authored eight books with leading publishers to date. He offers fresh and invaluable insights into the world of Indian cinema not only restricted to studies of Hindi or Bollywood (as […]