The Myths and a Master: Pacific Rim

By Matthew Sorrento. It would be convenient to view Pacific Rim as a metaphor for its creator. Having abandoned the job of directing Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, in a widely publicized decision, Guillermo del Toro may have elected to make a simple story, pairing giant aliens versus megaton human-driven bots, […]

Edinburgh International Film Festival | June 19th to 30th, 2013

By Yun-hua Chen.  Continuing with last year’s commitment to world cinema from both established and emerging filmmakers, EIFF 2013 showcased films from more than 60 countries this year. Apart from the usual strands of animation, Black Box, International Competition, and Michael Powell Award Competition, the programme includes Focus on Korea […]

Floating Weeds (1959)

By Jacob Mertens.  Yasujiro Ozu makes films that sneak up on you. They may feel simple and slow-paced at first, but the heart of his stories are too delicately expressed, and far too complete, for an audience not to be moved. To call Ozu’s Floating Weeds a masterwork may be […]