John Schlesinger’s Darling (1965): the British Screen in Transition

By Paul Risker. There is a natural tension that permeates the Anglo-French relationship: two countries that have intertwined histories, have fought wars as both allies and foe, and even within the political sphere of the European Union tensions have continued to endure as if they are a natural formation. So […]

Steve Hoover and Danny Yourd on Crocodile Gennadiy: A Tribeca Interview

By Gary M. Kramer. Crocodile Gennadiy is Steve Hoover’s compelling documentary—executive produced by Terrence Malick—about the charismatic Gennadiy Mokhnenko, a Ukrainian pastor who rescues drug-addicted kids off the streets and places them in his rehab center, Pilgrim Republic. A combination prison/hospital and police station, the center is a place for […]