Returning to the Past: Trevor Anderson on The Little Deputy

By Tom Ue. Trevor Anderson was born in Red Deer, Alberta, and is now based in Edmonton. His short films include “Rugburn” (2005); “Rock Pockets” (2007), which received the inaugural Lindalee Tracey Award at Hot Docs; “DINX” (2008); “Carpet Diem” (2008), “Punchlines” (2009), and “The Man That Got Away” (2012), […]

The 2015 DOKU.ARTS Festival

By Yun-hua Chen. DOKU.ARTS, after its seven-year residence in Amsterdam and Brazil, returned to Berlin and has stayed here since 2012. The event focuses on documentaries exploring art and artists, some of which, such as Saving Mes Aynak and The Chinese Mayor this year, follow the project in a longitudinal […]

Gasping for Air: Moonwalkers

By Elias Savada. The other day North Korea exploded what it called a hydrogen bomb, when, in reality (we’re told), it wasn’t all that big, or as Trevor Noah of The Daily Show said, “They farted.” The flatulence is equally noticeable in the meandering, awkward conspiracy theory comedy Moonwalkers, making its […]