Zootopia: A Modern Interpretation of a Fairy Tale

By Cleaver Patterson. Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) is a young bunny with big ideas. Living in the rural town of Bunnyburrow her parents expect her to follow in the family tradition, growing and selling various fruit and vegetables. But Judy yearns to go to the fabled city of Zootopia, where […]

Fearless Realism: Krisha

By Elias Savada. Other than a kitchen catastrophe, there’s not a sloppy moment in Trey Edward Shults’ micro-budgeted, crowdsourced Krisha, an incredibly well-constructed debut feature that plays like a home movie gone awry. Considering that the director-writer-editor, just 25 years old, shot it over a mere 9-day period in his parents’ […]