Seeking the Unknown – The Loneliest Whale: the Search for 52

By Elias Savada. A fascinating tale about a undiscovered, single beast that emitted a sound, one that other whales did not comprehend. No one has ever answered his call…. Zeeman casts this project as something akin to the old Leonard Nemoy television series In Search of….” There are plenty of […]

Offbeat, with Occasional Quotes: Maria Bissell’s How to Deter a Robber

By Theresa Rodewald. Problematic implications aside, How to Deter a Robber is a confidently directed film that has the potential to become an unconventional Christmas favourite, thanks to its off beat humour, nuanced female lead and sharp-eyed depiction of dysfunctional family dynamics.” It’s Christmas in snowy, rural Northern Wisconsin. Madison […]