High Concept, Low Bar: Neill Blomkamp’s Demonic

By Thomas Puhr. Different it is, though that’s just about where the praise will end. Outside of a promising first act and clever special effects, Demonic is an utter disaster.” I must admit I don’t understand the intense praise heaped on Neill Blomkamp’s feature debut, District 9 (2009). Its ham-fisted […]

A Worthy Rediscovery: Bill Duke’s Deep Cover (Criterion Collection)

Bill Duke’s 1991 neo-noir Deep Cover finding a home at the Criterion Collection gives the film the communal artistic reverence that it has always richly deserved. And there lies the bittersweet taste of acceptance.” By Johnnie Hobbs III. “So gather ’round as I run it down, and unravel my pedigree…” […]