“Playing Innocent Would Have Meant Lying”: From the Introduction to Christian Petzold: Interviews

By Marco Abel, Aylin Bademsoy, and Jaimey Fisher. The following is an excerpt from the Introduction to our volume of interviews with German filmmaker Christian Petzold, entitled Christian Petzold: Interviews and published in the University Press of Mississippi’s Conversation with Filmmakers series. We thank UPM for permission to reprint this […]

A Neglected Man as Machine – Soldier: From Script to Screen

A Book Review Essay by Andrew Kolarik. There is something admirable in the blind positivity the book has towards Soldier and makes it a quiet strength, for better or worse.” What is it about some films that makes us utterly embrace them, even the derided and forgotten ones? Why do […]

The Quiet Girl and Reflections on the Season

By Christopher Sharrett. The conclusion of the film makes a basic point: the biological family is often inauthentic, the authentic family a matter of individual will, with affection created by need, and a deep kinship not often subject to accidents of flesh.” Colm Bairéad’s The Quiet Girl wasn’t ignored during […]

Broken Windows: Decline and Reimagination in Cinematic New York

A Book Review by John Talbird. A sound, focused, and thorough examination of a fairly compressed period of time.” On October 30, 1975, New York’s Daily News ran an article with the banner headline, “Ford to City: Drop Dead.” Of course, President Gerald Ford never said such a thing, few […]

Approaching the Unknowable “Others” – Comic Drunks, Crazy Cults, and Lovable Monsters: Bad Behavior on American Television

A Book Review by M. Sellers Johnson. While Diffrient advances contemporary television scholarship…readers will also find this book to be light, entertaining, and likely relatable to modern TV consumers’ apparent affinity for dubious moral ethics.” Within our televised small screens and the world they inhabit, bad behavior persists in social […]

The Lost Burlesque Auteur: The Films of Lillian Hunt

By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas. What remains so striking about Hunt’s films is how openly both they and their supporting promotional material clearly sought to appeal to a female audience, well beyond the cliché of the porn-consuming scopophilic male.” While American burlesque cinema flourished in popularity during in the 1940s and 1950s, […]

Tyranny and the Canon: Problems in Todd Field’s Tár

By Christopher Sharrett. As a way of addressing woke culture, it has precious little to say, especially as it irresponsibly conflates the culture with sexual predation, a glaringly different matter, unless the film is aimed at those with grievances about women having too much power…. There is so little music […]