Werner Schroeter and Underground Film

The Death of Maria Malibran (1972) By Peter Valente. Werner Schroeter has carried the torch for free expression in cinematic art, and shares with many of these underground filmmakers, particularly Jack Smith, a desire for excess and theatricality. But it was a freedom that was won by overcoming obstacles.” Werner […]

Beyond the Grave – The Living Dead by George A. Romero and Daniel Kraus

Romero on the set of Land of the Dead (2005) By Tony Williams. Recognizing industry obstructions that became increasingly difficult for him to express the full dimensions of his creative talent he decided to work on a novel that, like his original literary work elsewhere, would have been ideal film […]

“Somebody has to do Something!”: Mainline Protestant Moral Ambiguity in Paul Schrader’s First Reformed (2017)

By Richmond B. Adams. Schrader presents an alarming cultural fragmentation in which American enemies are no longer German Nazis, Soviet bureaucrats, foreign terrorists…. Americans have come to view perhaps even their next door neighbors as adversaries to the death….” Upon the release of Paul’s Schrader’s First Reformed during the early […]

Siberia and the Ascension of Abel Ferrara

Ferrara is determinedly consistent in his devotion to his core visions, and as hungry as ever to discover new ways to express them.” By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas. At some point over the last decade, my initially half-jokingly insistence that Abel Ferrara had become the thinking person’s Lars Von Trier became less […]