Shopping for Ghosts: Olivier Assayas’ Personal Shopper

By Elias Savada. As I watched Personal Shopper, I wondered if this new, mostly English-language film from French filmmaker Olivier Assayas was a Euro thriller or not. I certainly wasn’t on the edge of my seat. The premise in this French-German production is that Maureen Cartwright (Kristen Stewart), a weary, despondent […]

The New York Film Festival, 28 September – 14 October, 2012

By Gary M. Kramer. Celebrating 50 Years, the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center showcased celebrities–from Nicole Kidman for The Paperboy (Daniels, 2012) to Denzel Washington, star of the closing night film Flight (Zemeckis, 2012). An international cast of filmmakers was also on hand–from Chile’s No (Larrain, 2012) to […]