By Liza Palmer, Review Section Editor.

Welcome to June 2011! I am so pleased to see how the new Film International website has been developing. Thanks to all your hard work and excellent contributions, the site is becoming an excellent resource for all things related to film. I’m particularly excited about our latest ventures — ‘In the Field’ and ‘Films and Cities’. Please keep checking back to read more in these columns and others. Your support and readership are everything!

And now, what everyone has been waiting patiently for. Film International is actively seeking reviews for publication online or in print (at my discretion) of the following books and DVDs:


  • Arnheim for Film and Media Studies, Scott Higgins, ed. (Routledge) — TAKEN
  • Cinema and Colour: The Saturated Image, Paul Coates (BFI/Palgrave Macmillan) — TAKEN
  • Cinema Italiano: The Complete Guide from Classics to Cult, Howard Hughes (I.B. Tauris) — TAKEN
  • Directory of World Cinema: Russia, Birgit Beumers, ed. (Intellect) — TAKEN
  • Film Festival Yearbook 3: Film Festivals and East Asia, Dina Iordanova & Ruby Cheung, eds. (St Andrews Film Studies) — TAKEN
  • Halsted Plays Himself, William E. Jones (MIT Press) — TAKEN
  • Historical Comedy on Screen, Hannu Salmi, ed. (Intellect) — TAKEN
  • How the Movie Brats Took Over Edinburgh: The Impact of Cinéphilia on the Edinburgh International Film Festival, 1968-1980, Matthew Lloyd (St Andrews Film Studies) — TAKEN
  • Indie: An American Film Culture, Michael Z. Newman (Columbia UP) — TAKEN
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Barry Keith Grant (BFI/Palgrave Macmillan) — TAKEN
  • Left of Hollywood: Cinema, Modernism, and the Emergence of U.S. Radical Film Culture, Chris Robé (U of Texas P) — TAKEN
  • Minding Movies: Observations on the Art, Craft, and Business of Filmmaking, David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson (U of Chicago P) — TAKEN
  • New Austrian Film, Robert von Dassanowsky & Oliver C. Speck, eds. (Berghahn Books) — TAKEN
  • New Trends in Argentine and Brazilian Cinema, Cacilda Rêgo & Carolina Rocha, eds. (Intellect) — TAKEN
  • Nicholas Ray: An American Journey, Bernard Eisenschitz (University of Minnesota Press) — TAKEN
  • Sergei Eisenstein, Volumes 1-3, Richard Taylor & Michael Glenny, eds. (I.B. Tauris) — TAKEN
  • Shadows of Doubt: Negotiations of Masculinity in American Genre Films, Barry Keith Grant (Wayne State UP) — TAKEN
  • Soul Searching: Black-Themed Cinema from the March on Washington to the Rise of Blaxploitation, Christopher Sieving (Wesleyan UP) — TAKEN
  • When Movies Mattered: Reviews from a Transformative Decade, Dave Kehr (U of Chicago P) — TAKEN

DVDs (region 1, standard DVD unless otherwise noted)

  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, William Sterling (Eureka, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • Le amiche, Michelangelo Antonioni (Eureka, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • Bigger Than Life, Nicholas Ray (Criterion) — TAKEN
  • Chantal Ackerman in the Seventies, Chantal Ackerman (Criterion Eclipse) — TAKEN
  • Che, Steven Soderbergh (Criterion) — TAKEN
  • City Girl, F.W. Murnau (Eureka, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • Coeur Fidèle, Jean Epstein (Eureka, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • L’enfance nue, Maurice Pialat (Criterion) — TAKEN
  • Everlasting Moments, Jan Troell (Criterion) — TAKEN
  • Fat Girl, Catherine Breillat (Criterion Blu-ray) — TAKEN
  • The First Films of Akira Kurosawa, Akira Kurosawa (Criterion Eclipse) — TAKEN
  • The Great Dictator, Charles Chaplin (Criterion) — TAKEN
  • A High Wind in Jamaica, Alexander Mackendrick (Eureka, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • Junebug, Phil Morrison (Eureka, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • The Kremlin Letter, John Huston (Eureka, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • The Lost Coast, Gabriel Fleming (QC Cinema, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • The Makioka Sisters, Kon Ichikawa (Criterion Blu-ray) — TAKEN
  • The Music Room, Satyajit Ray (Criterion Blu-ray) — TAKEN
  • Naked, Mike Leigh (Criterion Blu-ray) — TAKEN
  • Pale Flower, Masahiro Shinoda (Criterion) — TAKEN
  • People on Sunday (Criterion Blu-ray) — TAKEN
  • La Planète sauvage, René Laloux (Eureka Blu-ray) — TAKEN
  • Presenting Sacha Guitry, Sacha Guitry (Criterion Eclipse) — TAKEN
  • Schloss Vogelöd, F.W. Murnau (Eureka, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • The Secret of the Grain, Abdellatif Kechiche (Criterion) — TAKEN
  • La signora senza camelie, Michelangelo Antonioni (Eureka, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • Solaris, Andrei Tarkovsky (Criterion)– TAKEN
  • Sparrow, Johnnie To (Terracotta, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • Strigoi, Faye Jackson (Eureka, Region 2) — TAKEN
  • Sweetie, Jane Campion (Criterion) — TAKEN
  • Walkabout, Nicolas Roeg (Criterion) — TAKEN

If you are interested in one of the above items, please email me your mailing address at:  filminternationalreviews AT

As always, first come, first served.  If an item has “TAKEN” by it, it has already been claimed.

DEADLINE for these reviews: December 1, 2011

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