The Form and Function of a Cult Film: Deep Red by Alexia Kannas

A Book Review Essay by Jeremy Carr. Alexia Kannas’ Deep Red (Columbia University Press, 2017), her contribution to the Wallflower Press Cultographies series, in which she takes a deep dive into the making, reception, and legacy of Dario Argento’s 1975 giallo masterpiece, is an ideal meeting of author, subject, and publishing […]

Bromance, Romanian Style: Andrei Cretulescu on Charleston

By Martin Kudláč. The Romanian writer-director-producer Andrei Cretulescu rolled out his first feature-length offering Charleston at the biggest Swiss showcase in Locarno. The film continued to tread the festival circuit and made a stop-over in Warsaw where Film International caught up with the filmmaker. Diverging from the aesthetics of the New […]