Stay for a While: Patrick Picard’s The Bloodhound

By Thomas Puhr. A bold work, one which – though scattershot – still ranks among 2020’s superior genre releases.” A hooded figure emerges from a lake. Without making a sound, it crawls over the rocky shore, through the doorway of a sleek house, and into a closet, where it will […]

Inspiring the Unsung Collaborators: The Art of Film Projection

A Book Review by Ted Knighton. The profession has become endangered or has been deskilled into non-existence, which is why this beginners manual is so overdue.”  –from the foreword by Tacita Dean and Christopher Nolan In 2000, I was invited to show my short, 16mm film Six Insects at a […]

Too Long in the Saddle: Paul Greengrass and News of the World

By Elias Savada. News of the World ambles from scene to scene with an occasional spectacular landscape….Tom Hanks, front and center again, isn’t enough to carry the film.” It’s hard to believe that over the course of his well-worn career that Tom Hanks has never been in a western (although he […]

Shanley, Act Three, Fade-Out: Wild Mountain Thyme

By Gary M. Kramer. Wild Mountain Thyme does provide some simple pleasures but suggests that Shanley is a far better writer than director.” John Patrick Shanley is well known as the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Moonstruck, and better known as the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of Doubt, for which he also won […]

Justice for Alternative Identities: Queer Japan

By Matthew Fullerton. A welcomed addition to a wonderful run, in recent years, of international documentaries highlighting the experiences, struggles, and successes of LGBTQ people in countries not normally associated with sensitivity toward LGBTQ activism.” Queer Japan, from Canadian filmmaker Graham Kolbeins and Altered Innocence, an American distributor of artistic […]

A Long Trail to Continue: Women in the Western

Unforgiven (John Huston, 1960) A Book Review by Tanja Bresan. These extensive and reference-filled essays prove [that] the role of women in the Western was often as an additional accessory, dubious and regularly mistreated, but never not important or secondary.” Director Anthony Mann famously said, “without a woman the Western […]

Honor Long Overdue: Da Five Bloods

By Johnnie Hobbs III. While Miracle at St. Anna, Spike Lee’s first war drama, suffers from its myriad of storylines, it seems that Da 5 Bloods is the beneficiary of a lesson learned.” Recently, I asked my father about his time in the army and how it’s affected his life. […]

Not Like You Remember: On Darius Marder’s The Sound of Metal

By Zoe Kurland. We too feel the disastrous consequences: one dramatic pop and the sound is yanked from our clutches, leaving both the audience and Ruben underwater.” In a 1998 interview for Guitar World, The Smashing Pumpkins’ front man Billy Corgan described Heavy Metal as “a universal energy.” “It’s the sound […]

Boundless Attraction: Ana’s Desire

By Gary M. Kramer. “Remains intriguing….uncomfortable, but never exploitative.” The feature directorial debut by Emilio Santoyo, Ana’s Desire, opens with static shots and silence. Ana (Laura Agorreca) lives with her cute young son Mateo (Ian Garcia Monterrubio, charming, never cloying). She cares for him, and tends to her plants, until […]