Recent Contemporary Protest Cinema and Political-Cultural Exoticism

By Hamed Soleimanzadeh. By bringing attention to the challenges of the surrounding world, exotic protest cinema encourages audiences to take responsibility against the injustices and inefficiencies.” The concept of political-cultural exoticism in protest cinema refers to the presentation and understanding of ethnic, national, and regional cultures and policies in films […]

War at a Distance: Aurora’s Sunrise

By James Slaymaker. In its intricate tapestry of storytelling modes and its profound engagement with the ethics of representation, “Aurora’s Sunrise” stands as a cinematic work that dares to confront the complexities of historical memory. It forces us to re-examine the role of cinema in shaping and distorting the past….” […]

A Surreal Soul to Sell: Jan Švankmajer’s Faust (1994)

By Jeremy Carr. Faust submits an unnerving introduction to a world defined by cumulative weirdness and instability, where physical transformation is a prevalent force engendering the potential for change….” From F.W. Murnau to Alexander Sokurov, adaptations of the Faust legend have been cinematically rendered by some of the medium’s supreme visionaries […]

Canterbury Anifest | 5 October – 6 October, 2012

By Chris Pallant. Now in its sixth year, Canterbury Anifest continues to grow from strength to strength, this year hosting representatives from studios such as Aardman, Double Negative, DreamWorks, and Pixar. What started out as an ambitious but small-scale council initiative in 2007 has grown steadily over the past five […]